UFO Sighting in Coker, Alabama on May 20th 2015 – I seen something coming down from the sky and my 1st thought ot was an asteroid breaking up or an airplane crashing.

I was driving home.(Coker,Al) from Walmart (north port,AL) and noticed something that appeared to be falling fast from the sky in what I thought was fragments of something. I seen 4 distinct trails. The lead one was bright,reflective,white . From looking at the trails it looked as though one may of changed course during its decent. My initial feeling was fear. I didn’t know if I witnessed some kind of aircraft that may of exploded,an asteroid, or missles. I honestly do not know what it was I witnessed. When I pulled in my driveway I ran inside and got my family to come look. We could still see the (smoke trails), but no longer could see the aircraft. The whole event lasted less than 5 minutes. I am submitting photos of the encounter. Some photos are originals (just cropped) and the other are from where I adjusted shadows and highlights to see it better.

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