UFO Sighting in Greencreek, Idaho on January 31st 1999 – large disc shaped object hovering above field.

I was driving down a gravel country road. I saw a large object in the sky and immediately thought it was a jumbo jet crashing. That thought lasted as long as it took to have it. A second. It was a very large object close to the ground. I sped up and reached the top of the hill and could clearly see the object. I proceeded to drive to the end of the road and pull over. I was approximately 400 feet away. I proceeded to get out of my car and noticed that as I stepped onto the gravel road the sound was amplified. I then paid attention that there was no sound of rustling grass or sounds of birds or animals that I was familiar with in the area. It felt like I could only hear what was happening within my bubble of a few feet. I threw a rock and didn’t here it land several feet away. But I heard my breathing and the sound of my feet and clothing very loudly. Also the sound of my own voice seemed much louder. I noticed a metal taste in the air… a strange way to smell the air, by taste. As for the sound. Only a strange hum. But I place that with the strange sound bubble I seemed to be in. As for the craft it was a dull silver colored metal. There seemed to be something running down the center of the item. there seemed to be almost a seam. Possible view port. There appeared to be a pattern on the metal. But I wasn’t close enough to see detail. I got in and out of my car several times paying attention to the sounds and smells. My two young children were in the back seat asleep So I rolled the window down to ensure I couldn’t be locked out. I wouldn’t go more than 5 feet from the car because of the children. I wanted to walk out into the field to get closer. I had a strange euphoric feeling. I was excited and happy and calm. This surprised me after That I wasn’t afraid. I also had this strong sense that someone was watching me aware I was watching them. Hard to explain. This was a full daylight sighting. After watching for about 8 minutes the craft started to move. There was a lumbering metal bending noise and the sound around me returned to normal. I got back into my car and started it. The craft was slowly moving north (my left). I turned left onto hwy 7. The craft lumbered overhead of me until I was directly beneath it. It cast a shadow. It was definately disc shaped. There appeared to be a circular piece on the underside that appeared like it could open. this appeared to be closing as it was directly overhead. Then the craft began to accelerate and gain altitude slowly at first then gained speed suddenly. From the onset on acceleration to the point the craft “zipped” off was only a couple seconds. then after it was a quarter mile fom me it was instantly shooting across the Prairie 10 miles in a second and gone. At that point i lost sight of object. From the point before it’s incredible speed jump it changed direction from n to nw.

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