UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on August 21st 2003 – They used the making of a majore movie to cover all the aircraft and equipment !! Working with them.refulling ufo’s they new we saw the I’m still woried for my family will tell more

Camping. Helicopters with men in wight covetous the we’re realy shocked we were there and saw them the look on there faces espeshaly one looked right in my ey’s Noticed wen it got dark after helicopters went back in. Lights were flying around a mountan in the dark at first thout they were planes but they would stop then Chang directions. Thout then helicopters no noice and to dark no big lights. There was a lightning storm that stayed over that one mountan all night and they kept coming down out of nowhere they were flying all over the North. Mars was so bright that day and night a sati light came over us at about 1pm so low it was glowing red and going realy slow then the helicopters then the lights. Then the orbs they realt freaked us out one was following use and it was like looking into Simone’s eyeball it was watching use we were freezing it would move along with us about 50 feet away so weried it was intel agent at first it was fun as the orbs came it got bad the next day I will not talk about on here and bad for quite a wile after they new we saw what we shouldn’t have it got light out. May have a video have bin to freaked to watch it changed my life forever ! I’m still not sure I should be righting this down hopefully nothing happens to me. I will copy this and give it to a few freinds just invade for my safety your welcome to contact me I will explain with daits and times to prove some stuff you can check out first time I’ve discust this sins it happens we made a pact to never discus it !! This was a big cover up by using the filming of a movie they could move all there equipment and explain y 4 choppers were flying for 4 moths and blocked off a huge forest service area blocked gravel roads in to area. any way if your interested contact me. I’m Leary but should let this out. Thanks Colin :))

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