UFO Sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico on November 20th 2014 – Bright single beam on front two blinking red lights on end huge dark slow moving silent

I was driving alone headed south down Avenida Vista Grande in the Eldorado At Santa Fe neighborhood. My wife and mother-in-law were just ahead of me by a minute or so, since we had left a lecture in Santa Fe, but were driving separately headed to our home. We all saw the same thing and my wife described just what I had seen when I got home and asked her if they had seen anything in the sky. Weather conditions were clear, with starlight and no moon. I first noticed the powerful front beam, but it was shining at a 90 degree angle to my point of view. Then I noticed the two blinking red lights far behind, but obviously moving at the exact same speed and connected, but with only blackness in between. At first I thought it was a huge blimp, but there were no other lights of any type or surface features like windows or wings. Since there was no immediate traffic on the street except my car, I slowed way down to maybe 10 to 20 miles per hour. It was in front of me, maybe a half mile to a mile, and moved smoothly, slowly from right to left, headed southeast. I felt amazed because of the length of the object. It was many hundreds of feet, or yards long, compared to the lighted houses it was flying above. I continued my route to my home, but kept driving slowly, with my window down watching the two blinking red lights on the tail move away to the southeast into the distance. Unfortunately I do not have photos or video since I was driving and it was very dark. However, three of us saw the same thing. My wife and I discussed it immediately, and have since a number of times. We did not discuss it further with her mother who is 93. We didn’t want to stress her out or frighten her. Thanks

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