Perceptive gap.

More and more the idea that the subtleties that anomalies present to us are not “visible” to almost everybody but just to a “selected” few is clear and clear.

There is clearly a “perceptive” divide, but that really is not surprising if you look at the many specialized activities that humans usually do that are only accessible to people with certain natural abilities or high level training.

We have this innate and very social impulse to share all these wonderful manifestations and experiences, but many times what we receive in return from that is pure hostility and misunderstanding, but that will be exactly the same reaction if you try to “teach” people in general about the wonderful ideas of quantum mechanics or general relativity.

No different will be the reaction if you try to show the general public some wonderful intricacies of the calculus invented by the great Newton almost five centuries ago.

Some ideas and facts are really only appreciated by the “initiated.

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