UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on May 21st 2015 – I took pictures of sky, about 5 snaps. UFO in images, looked back up nothing!

I had just finished eating after taking picture of our new community sign! I had my PentaxK50 camera with me! My wife and I are walking back to car and I say “look how beautiful the sky looks” my wife agrees. I uncap my camera and snap about 4 images the first two are sequential. I then zoom out, snap, zoom in, snap another and immediately look at the 4 images! On the second image I see the light orb or UFO look up to sky and see nothing, show my wife and she is like “what is that” we scan the sky and nothing, not a helicopter, plane, nothing! I zoom in on image on my camera and am astonished at the light, I did not see anything like that in the sky? It all happened so fast, I never saw it in the sky, I only saw it in my camera! With the first two images you can see the movement, in the first image you can see the light higher up in the sky and less visible and in the second image the light dropped extensively and was much brighter in the next 2 shots it’s gone!

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