UFO Sighting in Slidell, Texas on August 15th 1975 – Blimp Sahped with no apparent gondolas, domes, or air foils

Felt a little compelled to tell this story as I have really never discussed it with anybody other than immediate family:

Blimp shaped but much smaller in diameter and much longer. Had bright light on front of craft, pointed the way craft was headed, but I don’t think it was for visual observation because it was fixed and again, pointed parallel to the craft. When we first saw craft it was landed and then rose about 5 minutes later and proceeded practically over the top of us. When it was Perpendicular to us, it speeded up from approximately 25 mph to uknown. Let me say this; it was a cloudless full moon night and one second it was within a couple hundred yards and the next second it was gone moving extremely fast to the southeast. Here are the Coordinates within 50 yards or so: 33��20’07.65��� N 97��26’27.14��� W Elevation: 808 ft.

NOTE: We did not go investigate landing site at the time or ar any time thereafter. There were two other witnesses, beside myself. My brother and cousin.

Note 2:

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