ufo sightings

lets think ! u.f.o ‘s tech advoid radar detection, u.f.o.’s do not display red, green, and white lights. those colors are navy, red starboard, green port, and white aft. noise– when in viet nam, i saw many choppers come in that had no noise. it depended on wind, cut of the main rotor, and direction of the chopper. you didn’t hear them till they were landing. hilo copters can fly silent at times. lights on u.f.o’s, come on, why would u.f.o’s have lights, their tech would be alot better then lights. our air craft, does not need lights for night, except for safety purposes. if you see lights at night, you can beat, its a earth craft, not, a u.f.o. if you see ” V ” shaped lights, its a stealth air craft. there is alot of people reporting things, that they have no knowledge about air craft. thats why the military brushes off a lot of sightings, there uneducated sightings. like the military is going to say, oh, yes, we are flying stealths around, come on people ! later. CHOW !

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