Multiple UFOs Reported By Truckers Over CB Radio

Multiple UFOs Reported By Truckers  Over CB Radio
By Roger Marsh

A Texas trucker driving westbound along I-10 near Seguin ignored CB warnings of upcoming UFOs at mile marker 599 until he had his own encounter nearby, according to testimony in Case 65437 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

“I ignored it, but they kept talking about these UFOs, strange lights that made a truck crash when the object crossed over the highway at mile marker 599 and emitting intense heat,” the witness stated. “I said some not so pleasant words and drove on.”

But soon the trucker had his own encounter.

“Well at mile marker 614 I saw it through the fog – very bright flood lights on the right. As I got closer I saw the brightest, clearest lights in approximately a 200-foot-wide circle with one light missing. I’m guessing that there were 11 lights in the circle and one in the middle emitting a beam straight to the ground about 15 feet from the roadway.” . . .

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