Some Things we Need To Discuss About our weird neighbor’s. Especially Saturn.

Here is an interesting video I have found. It’s fairy interesting all the way through. But I would like to highlight a few things in the video and then point out a few things. and see what you guys make of it.

First, In the exact time frame of 4:40 you will come to a section about the Cassini space craft as it did a fly by on Saturn in 2002.This signal IS STRANGE AND IT DOES HAVE PROPER SPEECH PATTERN.. Listen to this…

At exactly 9:37 you can hear a sound clip of Jupiter’s atmosphere Again,, that doesn’t seem natural..

Next at exactly 10:43 is a sound recording of the wow signal in audio,, it’s very impressive.

I want to end the thread with this picture,,

Yeah, This is saturn,

If you are paying careful attention.. our mysterious friend Saturn has a lot of strange things going on.

What are your thoughts on this?

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