UFO Sighting in Meridian, Idaho on May 24th 2015 – Three reddish orange orbs moving equidistance at equal speed.

Meridian, ID, at approximately 22:30. I just walked out to the backyard to let the dogs in. I saw three reddish orange orbs in the sky looking true north. The orbs were all moving the same speed and were spaced equal distance. I do not know what objects were. I attempted to film orbs on my phone but there was not enough light to find the orbs in the view finder. Orbs moved from west to east and were visable for approximately two minutes. I quickly ran inside to get my daughter to be witness. By the time we arrived outside again, two of the orbs had vanished. The last orb was visible for around thirty seconds, then faded out while moving to the east. Orbs looked to be far away to the north. Orbs stayed at approximately 25-30 degrees above the horizon.

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