UFO Sighting in Rhome, Texas on May 24th 2015 – we seen bright like stars moving around each other one got really bright went straight up then turned and flew over us

This happend out side of rhome texas ,I went out side to my car and I caught somthing bright out of the corner of my eye when I first looked at it or them I thought it was just a group of really bright stars 3 of them I was looking thinking , how pretty then one moved and then another so I started watching kinda in shock then two of them started moving around each other zig zaging and going up n down just moving crazy I was shocked and in amazement I ran got my husband made him come out side and look then I ran n got my brother n his wife and my kids so they could see this it was somthing to see , then the one got really bright I mean super bright like it was going to explod or somthing it went straight up then stoped just like stood there in place then it turned droped then it flew over us it was a diamond shape from under neath kinda hard to explain it looked round but standing under it as it flew by the lights was in a diamond shape , it went right over us and for as low as it was flying It was rathet quit we watched it get lower and lower as it flew away into the trees where wr lost sight of it .I took as many pics as I could .it was a experience I wont forget kinda got all of us aww and left puzzled and a little scared.

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