UFO Sighting in Vancouver, Washington on May 24th 2015 – Unexpected and Question Raising

When I first spotted the object I was scanning the sky, as I always am, while I was on the way home from pressure washing with my dad. I first noticed it as a star like object that maybe could have been a plane’s headlights, but the object was not moving accept for possibly an occasional bob or ascension. So I attempted to get my dad to look at the light but he was focused on pulling the trailer into the garage, so he didn’t see it, the light went out of my line of sight for about 5 seconds due to a tree obstructing my view. I jumped out of the truck as quickly as possible to regain a view of the object, but when I went into the street and looked around for the light it was nowhere to be found. I’ve had many UFO sightings in the past few months at the address above, and at places such as the PDX airport, these UFO encounters are beginning to seem personal, even though that is likely not the case. I wish I had photo evidence of this sighting, but it happened so fast I couldn’t react quick enough.

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