The classical Ufology myths and bias.

Classical Ufology myths and bias.

– The “mechanicist bias”: Better expressed by this phrase from Stanton Friedman: ” “Flying saucers are, by definition, unidentified flying objects, but very few unidentified flying objects are flying saucers. I am interested in the latter, not the former.”
This bias is at the center of the long lasting stagnation of that old Ufology, this bias actually makes many ufologos to ignore or dismiss sighting reports of amorphous objects, but even with this very strong bias amorphous objects are the more common objects reported. Almost any active observer of anomalies know that great number of anomalies have variable geometry, when expanding the observation range to anomalies that are detected only in infrared then the almost absolute majority of anomalies show amorphous configurations. All unknown objects in the sky are important, discarding any group or “type” is really unscientific because connections could be present in the most unsuspected corner.

– UFOs are better or mostly observed at night: This is an implicit myth accepted by the general public and many night time observers, but we know that the objects observed at night are self luminous anomalies, many anomalies glow with their own light, these will be visible at night as glowing dots, but many anomalies are not self luminous, these will be very hard to spot at night, but they are relatively easy to spot in daylight. Daylight offers the extra advantage of abundant light and as photographers had known since the beginning of photography the best images are the ones taken with plenty of light, and the many outstanding footage of anomalies with plenty of details are almost entirely taken in daylight.

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