The “old guard” of Ufology.

The “old guard” frustation.

Some members of the “old guard” always are mentioning: “desinformation”, “cover-up”, etc.. The same “conspiracy theory” that they had been repeating for more than 50 years, that is really getting OLD.

Desinformation works in people that passively receive information and accept uncritically anything coming from their suorces.
But almost anything posted by active observers of anomalies can be similarly duplicated by doing active observations with the right tools, people that continue to use obsolete tools will not be able to see what they had recorded.

By using lupes you will never be able to observe the structure details of microorganisms, similarity by using low optical magnification equipment in daylight or at night no structure details of anomalies will be seen.

But I know that “old habits” dye hard and many will continue calling UFOs to glowing dots in a black background because they will continue to use the wrong equipment and because they are unwilling/unable to do better than that.

But some of these “old timers” pretend to stop progress with their closeminded approach showing clearly that they are being left behind and then latching their frustation and inadequacy in others that are making positive contributions.

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