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Black Triangle Spotted Over Charlotte


      Friend (SF) & I were leaving Goodwill in Charlotte [North Carolina 5-23-15] – I looked up at sky and mentioned how beautiful the clouds and sky looked. I saw what at first looked like a black bird flying just below the clouds, but at what I estimated to be at least 2 miles high.

As I watched a few seconds, I called my friend’s name to see what I was seeing. I said “That’s not a bird.” My friend said “It’s not flapping its wings.” We watched as it swirled around, doing a loop and flying like a bird would, but never changing its triangle shape. It reversed course to the east, changed to a circle, flew around about a short while, then took off to the north at a fast clip… way too fast for a bird.

Friend thought it might be a drone. I said drones don’t change shape or do loops… they fly a straight path. He admitted that it was odd. . . .

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