UFO Sighting in Boca Raton, Florida on May 26th 2015 – A bright object, brighter than Venus dimmed and disappeared.

I was leaving my front door for a walk and looked up at the sky (as I often do) to check out the stars and planets. I saw what I thought was a planet, perhaps Venus because it was so bright. But I only saw it for about a second when as I was looking at it, it dimmed quickly and vanished. It reminded me of the International Space Station or some such satellite moving into Earth’s shadow. But I had only seen it for a very brief moment before it disappeared and so I was not able to detect much motion. It seemed like it was moving eastward. But it is hard to tell with such a brief observation. I do not believe there was a cloud obscuring the light. It could have been a meteor or a satellite, but I checked the position of the International Space Station and it was listed as being many hundreds of miles away, over the Atlantic Ocean between the US and Europe or Africa. Far away, anyway, and I don’t think the likely culprit. Also, I get notifications from Spot the Station and I hadn’t received notice that it was going to be passing overhead tonight. I also checked a satellite tracking site and it showed nothing overhead at the time. So, I suppose a meteor is the most likely candidate, but I wondered if anyone else saw a vanishing bright whitish point of light in the sky in the South Florida area. I know it wasn’t Venus or Jupiter as I verified their positions once I got my bearings outside. Venus was well in the western sky and Jupiter closer to zenith at the time.

Anyone else see something like this?

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