Black Triangle Sighting in Keota, Oklahoma on May 27th 2015 – Large Triangle white lights at each corner center pulsing red/white light

I was going out to our shop building because I saw the lights in the back of the building had been left on. As I was walking to the shop I heard a low rumble and expected to see an aircraft approaching. Instead I saw a large black triangle object I could not identify directly over head. I am a commercial pilot so I think I could identify most aircraft. This was large triangle shape object and had bright white lights at each of the 3 corners. in the center was a pulsing red/white light. No red/green indicator lights as on normal aircraft. The craft was extreme black against a star lit night. At first I thought it was about 2000 ft agl, but I can’t be sure because the sound trailed the object by a short distance. As I watched the object head due north from my position I saw what looked like something descend from the vehicle at a fixed distance. I thought at that time maybe it was a military fueling aircraft and a drogue line was deployed. it had the pulsing red/white light on it. However, as it continued north from my location, that object rotated around and above the main object as it pasted over the horizon from my view.

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