UFO Sighting in Central, South Carolina on June 30th 2009 – Light orb witnessed

I was standing on the porch behind my apartment having a cigarette. I looked back to the apartment and glanced up at the second story window. What I could only describe as an orb of light drifted out of the window. It wasn’t necessarily bright; it didn’t illuminate anything nor was it blinding by any means. It was as though the light existed within the orb. At first, I dismissed it as a reflection in my glasses, but I turned my head, and the orb did not move.

It hovered roughly 15ft or so above the ground and a foot or two outside of the window for 20-30 seconds, I would guess, and then it moved off to my left. It wasn’t a brisk movement, just an even movement to my left. It stayed at the same height and roughly the same distance from the back of the apartments as it moved before reaching the end of the row of apartments and turning to the right around the corner. I went through the apartment to the front door but could not locate it again.

It moved independently from how I turned my head, so I know it wasn’t a reflection or refraction from my glasses. It was definitely a separate entity and was not a light shining on the glass or brick, as after it began moving, I stepped forward and could see a clear space between the orb and the back wall of the row of apartments.

Its appearance wasn’t a bulb of light, such as a light bulb. It was more of a diffuse glow. I could see the window frame behind the orb and the bricks after it moved. As for its “personality”, when I think back on it, I would describe it like: it was in my bedroom upstairs then came outside, not expecting to see anything. It “saw” me standing there and paused for a moment to see if I was anything interesting to investigate. Having concluded that I wasn’t anything interesting, it moved on to do whatever it was going to do in the first place. It was sort of like how you would see a wild animal in the forest. When you discover it and it discovers you, you stare at each other for a moment while it gauges whether or not you are interesting in some way or a threat. When it concludes you are neither, it moves on to whatever it was doing.

I am not saying this is what it “thought”. I had no communication with it, nor did I feel any kind of psychic/psychological effects from it other than the general intrigue and curiosity it inspired. I only describe it’s “personality” as a reflection of what it seems like it was doing.

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