UFO Sighting in chickamouga, Georgia on May 20th 1970 – 6 ufo’s engaged with 6 fighters

in back yard doing chors. at first looked like buzzards at a distance but when came closer 3 was disc shaped 3 was delta shaped. can give detailed info if some is willing to contact me. have had 4 encounters all together with that said here is some highlights .the objects was flying in formation with one delta and one disc swapping out in the formation.flying slowly north sometimes riseing and lowering in altitude.seemed to be almost playfull.when I first saw them they were farther away maybe a couple miles away then the drifted closer and closer yet higher and higher.one of the disc broke formation a did circles around the formation then went back in formation. at least 2 others did somewhat the same . after that I saw something aproching from the north headed to them. they were shiney that’s how I spoted them the glint of the sun reflected off them as they got closer I saw it was 3 jets . they did not seem to be in much of a hurry tho. they came from the direction of Chattanooga tn. this was about 20 to 30 miles from there.i watched this for a time took a while for them to get where the ufo’s were. about that time I saw 3 delta wing fighter with after burnners on coming from the direction of Atlanta ga southeast of where I was.hight altitude but could make them out well. day was clear.when they got a few miles away one of the other jets from the north broke formation headed for the ufo one disc broke formation headed to that jet they passed eachother almost crashing then it veered up and followed that jet when that jet got to the other ufo’s it veered off.went up at that time 3 delta ufo seperaited from the group.and all planes and ufo broke formation and planes whent after all ufo’s. the ufo’s where much faster than the jets and sometimes would chase the jets others would circle the jets. at this time the jets tried to fire on the ufo’s but could not hit them.first fireing guns then firing missiles at them.still they couldnot hit them. then they all when separate directions chaseing the ufo’s getting lower and lower headed toward me and my father. they got so low that the ufos would almost touch the ground in the open ares. but jets couldnot get any lower than the trees .lost track of most of them but two of the disc seemed to slow down to let the jets delta wing jets get close then veering off suddenly. near the end one delta fighter fired a rocket hitting the disc in the rear causeing a peace of the disc to fall off in the hallow closest to us but was on someone else property could not go there.after that they all flew off to the west jets still chaseing them and went out of site. this all took less than 30 min. what is interesting is that night there appeard an sphere about the size of a small car came from the west stoped directly over the site where the piece of the disc had fell.it glowed yellow orange. hovered for about 3 min went down to the ground not touching the ground then shined a beam looked somewhat like a split lazor beam like it was scanning for the piece of the disc stayed there for a few min rose up and shot off west from where it came.it came back 2 more times each nite same time at night.finely did not return agean.the second day after if first came about 4 in the afternoon.got a call from my grandmother witch lived on the same property about an 8th of a mile closer to the highway than us.and said there was some military vehickels coming up the hill wanted to talk to the owner of our property.first a jeep with a commander and a officer and 2 mp’s got to us first followed by a large truck with covered bed next came a duce and a half with a officer and soldger in the cab and several soldgers in the back followed by another jeep with mp’s in it. note they all had guns and rifles .the commander got out of the jeep and talked to us.he said that the where having manuvers in the area and one of the planes lost a piece off of it and wanted to go get it said we should show him where is was and they would go get it. and orderd us to not ever say anything to anyone about what happened and even that they were there at all or quote. there have been people lost in the desert and never found”.they whent there got an object and came back as they passed us I saw an object coverd in the truck looked like a part circle sticking up about 6 feet by 10 feet . they left and never heard from them agean. for all the details you may contact me.can draw the ufo if needed.i fear the military no more and must tell this to some one that counts. because I have not heard of anything close to this . I have been resurching ufo’s ever sence.allso note this was in the 60’s and I have had 4 encounters thru my lifetime.


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