UFO Sighting in Fontana, California on May 26th 2015 – appeared to be a star then began to move erratically and cast a triangular light below it as though it were searching for something then disappeared

We observed this ufo while parked on Sierra ave in Lytle Creek. I first noticed a plane with a trail flowing behind it, as it passed I saw what I thought was a star over the mountain range. When I first noticed it it was stationery but as I stared at it I noticed it was hovering over the mtn range to the right and then back to the left, then up and back down and to the right as though it were searching for “something”. My boyfriend says that he could see what looked like a triangular shaped beam of light coming from the underside of it. We lost sight of it as it was getting pretty foggy. This light
we observed n.w. toward Cucamonga peak and just above the mountain range. About 6 months before this I had a similar sighting above Etiwanda falls in Rancho Cucamonga during the day. For a few minutes after this most recent incident I was trembling with excitement at what I had seen and because I was not alone in witnessing it.

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