UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on May 27th 2015 – I was recording a thunderstorm many miles away, and a green orb appeared out of nowhere

I was taking my dog outside to go to the bathroom, when I noticed a thunderstorm forming over a town about 30 miles away. I decided to film the storm for a bit, and as I was standing there I saw the green orb appear and go across the screen on my phone and then take off across the sky. I felt breathless and it took me a few seconds to comprehend what I had just seen, in the video I actually pause for 3 seconds before I am even able to say anything it was absolutly shocking. I looked around the sky and there was nothing there. when I went back and looked at the recording, I noticed that it did not appear to be any natural phenomenon that I am aware ofand it seems to come out of nowhere and was heading upwards.

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