UFO Sighting in West View, Pennsylvania on May 23rd 2015 – dark green square object observed near route 279

I something odd in the skies over West View on Saturday May 23, 2015. It was around 1 pm. I was walking back from Bellevue, on the bridge headed back to West View, the one that passes over Route 279. I looked up and to my right, maybe 15-20�� or so, I saw something very strange: a square object off to the right in the general direction of the West View Park Shopping Center and as much as several hundred feet off the ground. It looked like it ��� guessing here ��� maybe a mile away. It was about as big as a postage stamp at arm���s length.
Here is the obligatory crackpot disclaimer: I���m not one. This is my first such report and my first such experience.
Just so it is clear, I saw this object, whatever ���it��� was, saw it as plainly as I have ever seen anything in my life. My problem is that I don���t know what I unmistakably saw. This isn���t a case where something flashed by ��� maybe – and I wondered not only what I had seen but whether I had seen anything at all. I saw this; I saw it distinctly; I watched it for a good five minutes. It was outlined completely against the sky so it was unmistakably IN THE AIR. It was a dark green though I couldn���t make out any further detail.
It wasn���t shaped like any aircraft I have ever seen (nor did it resemble any flying saucer I have ever seen in books). There were no wings or rotors or propellers or fins. It made no noise, at least that I could hear. It was a SQUARE. A BIG DARK GREEN SQUARE UP IN THE AIR. I couldn���t even tell if it was a cube. It was like it was facing me.
I thought at first that it might be some kind of promotional float at the WVPSC especially with it being a holiday weekend but it was moving and it had no writing on it (at least that I could see). (West View had its Memorial Day parade on Monday, two days after my sighting.) It ended up drifting off directly away from me, in an easterly direction until it disappeared over the tree-line.
It wasn���t a balloon. It wasn���t tear-drop shaped; there was no basket underneath it with people in it. It was much too big to be a kite. It wasn���t shaped like a blimp or anything that flies around. Other people had to see it. It was just off a major thoroughfare, Route 279 in the middle of a sunny weekend day.
If you���re wondering, I don���t have a camera phone so I don���t have a picture of it. My hope is that someone else has already contacted you about what I saw and so you already know what it is I saw.
While I have numerous books about UFO, I remain unconvinced of any particular viewpoint. The only thing I am certain of is that the official explanations in all the best cases are unconvincing.


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