Black Triangle Sighting in Bedford, Indiana on May 27th 2015 – Sighted several nights in a row, same flight pattern huge triangular silent objects in fours.

The sightings are nightly @ 12:15am, they come from the NW heading SE. There are 4 @ a time, about the time one flies out of sight, another comes into sight & fly nearly directly overhead at my work. I thought they were planes at 1st but as they got closer you could tell they were triangular & huge! Outsized a couple planes in the area on a massive scale. There’s a blinding bright light in the center & smaller blue-green lights at the corners. They make absolutely no sound, yet I hear the smaller planes in the area at further distances. I was in awe when I seen them. Amazed at their size shape & lack of sound. I watched as they crept bye one at a time til out of range. It’s scary to know something like this exists & I have no clue what it is!

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