UFO Sighting in Hutchinson, Kansas on May 27th 2015 – Flickering star ejected 2 lights.

At 2am, I was watching a flickering white star that would occasionally flicker red. Then a white light shot out of it to the east. A couple minutes later I saw another white light soot out of it to the east, but slightly south. They both looked like a shooting star, but originated at the flickering star.
At 02:20am, directly south, at 35��-40��, I saw a brilliant flash of blueish white light. It only lasted a second.
I’ve seen these flickering “stars” before in my back yard.
One such star I saw every night for months. One night I noticed 5 of them spread out in the sky around Hutch. They were all about the same altitude, the same brightness, and they would occasionally flicker Red at different times.
I never saw anything shoot out of them. I thought they were space junk or possibly a satellite.
After the other night, I now believe they are mother ships
or space stations of some type that we do not know about.
These lights left the flickering star at light speed and had a trail like a shooting star behind them. They vanished
directly after leaving the “flickering star”.
Something strange is going on here and I want to know what it is. Have you heard any reports like this before.
Thank You

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