UFO Sighting in Vermilion, Alberta on October 31st 2014 – Spinning I pod shapes moving across field

I was attending college in vermillion alberta at the time and had just arrived back and parked in the parking lot across the road from the school facing the field IT was about 2am and my truck was running but I had my lights off I was rolling a smoke and was looking down at my paper and tobacco mid roll and light ahead of me caught my attention so I looked up and it took me a few moments to even comprehend what I was seeing but the best way to describe it would be these I pod shaped objects seemingly white with one side the top half had about a 5 by 5 pattern of round lights. And the rest blank but they were spinning on a vertical axis hovering across the field at a good rate of speed not much higher than ground level they were coming out of nowhere but all from the same place in the field they Gave off the strangest light I’ve ever seen most of them were flickering in and out of transparency and all disappearing at different points throughout the field no sound whatsoever and they were no more than 500 feet from me a rough estimate in height about ten feet tall i just sat there speechless trying to think of any logical explanation to explain what I was seeing I watched for at least 5 minutes I kept thinking am I really seeing this or am I going crazy and all of a sudden from the point they were appearing there was a crazy green flare of light and my Rollie still in hand went flying and I was cursing what the frick! holy crap!there’s no way! I was freaking out at this point the light was probally about 50 feet high flaring crazier than the craziest northern lights I’ve ever seen the light slowly moved in the same direction as the “pods” this went on for 5-10 seconds and then it just stopped and as that stopped it all stopped and it was normal again I just sat there for about 2 hours completely baffled about what I had just witnessed I’m Not sure if I was unable to move or if I was just in shock definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever seen

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