Mysterious Sinkholes spreading across Russia’s Urals

A whole host of theories from subterranean Soviet missile stations to tunnels to the center of the earth have emerged after large mysterious sinkholes appeared near Russia’s Urals Mountains.

But at first the disturbing news which confirms the CIA has ended their information sharing with scientists on climate and earth changes.

Shutting down a program that began nearly a quarter-century ago, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has decided to stop sharing classified information it collects on the ocean and atmosphere with scientists studying climate change. The CIA has ended its Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis (MEDEA) program, according to news reported by Mother Jones. Under MEDEA, about 60 civilian scientists had security clearances that allowed them to receive classified data, “such as ocean temperature and tidal readings gathered by Navy submarines and topography data collected by spy satellites,” said journalist Tim McDonnell to

The program provided climate experts with information about global warming and other climate-related threats that they couldn’t access from other sources. The CIA uses that data in its analyses on how weather changes will impact global conflicts.

It’s believed that the spy agency had heretofore partnered with the MEDEA scientists to perform their analyses, which then made its way into the agency’s annual Worldwide Threat Assessment report, according to McDonnell

President Obama has called climate change “an immediate risk to our national security” and urged U.S national security agencies to give the matter high priority. He also signed an executive order requiring that climate change data be developed and shared among federal agencies, and made available to the public.

The CIA didn’t state why it shuttered MEDEA, saying in a statement: “Under the Medea program to examine the implications of climate change, CIA participated in various projects. These projects have been completed and CIA will employ these research results and engage external experts as it continues to evaluate the national security implications of climate change.”

What would be the reason to end the program abruptly and stop sharing classified information with civilian scientists, just because they have completed the project or did they discover something what they want to keep hidden for the public.

It seems unlikely that only weather changes will impact global conflicts. Maybe there is a threat from outer space that will lead to an enormous impact on Earth’s climate with all its consequences for humankind, but that’s just a rough guess.

Columbia University political scientist Marc Levy, who has worked with U.S. intelligence agencies on climate change issues since the 1990s, says: “The climate problems are getting worse in a way that our data systems are not equipped to handle and closing of MEDEA is a step in the wrong direction.”

As already mentioned above, the latest strange news on weather- and climate change comes from Russia after a large mysterious sinkhole appeared near Russia’s Ural’s mountains.

An emergency situation committee has yet to say what caused it, or how they’re responding, but meanwhile mysterious sinkholes have also appeared elsewhere in the region.

It may be clear that something is going on with our planet and the CIA not wants you to know.


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