Passenger Jet Reports Near-Miss with Drone

Passenger Jet Reports Near-Miss with Drone


     A commercial airliner narrowly missed colliding midair with a drone near New York’s LaGuardia Airport Friday morning, according to federal officials.

The pilot reportedly had to swerve upward over Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in order to avoid the drone as the plane neared the airport. The incident followed several earlier instances of pilots reporting they had had lasers pointed at them near New York airports.

“The flight crew of Shuttle America Flight 2708 reported climbing 200 feet to avoid an unmanned aircraft while on final approach to LaGuardia Airport at about 11 a.m. today,” the Federal Aviation Administration said. “The crew … reported that the unmanned aircraft was operating in the vicinity of Prospect Park in Brooklyn at an altitude of about 2,700 feet. The FAA will investigate.

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