UFO Sighting in Albemarle, North Carolina on May 3rd 2015 – It was a trek of light so fast I barley saw it only blieve I did cause I got it on camera anddid not realize this until checking camera data later

Well though I have been a UFO researcher for years I was not expecting this one. I was not looking for any, not even thinking about them This was Sunday night May 3rd, I was actually taking pictures and video of a very beautiful moonrise that evening over Lake Tillery from the fishing dock in Mount Morrow State Park. It was not long after sundown around 8;20 maybe. I took some photos of the moon from the parking lot with my digital camera a Nikkon D5300,

Then I and my husband walked onto the fishing dock to get some better angles of the moon rising and reflecting in the lake water.

I took a couple of stills first(my camera does stills and short video segments of 10 minute increments). And when I snapped he first or second still a sudden intensely bright pin point light streaked across both my camera viewfinder moving so fast it seemed to have a streak behind it like just fast, and then gone. I also saw it in my vision regular vision as well as on the viewfinder. I said to my husband “did you see that” he sort of did but suggested it was a bug streaking across across the camera. I had switched to video by then and since it went by so fast I shrugged it off. I have seen ufos before and this was not as spectacular as some I have seen, so this would have not even been a memory by now if I had not caught the object in one of the frames of digital shots snapped. That was a surprise, it proved it was really there and was not some kind of strange insect. It can be seen as a fuzzy white ball of light to the above and left of the moon in one frame.

and it appeared to streak downward and vanish into the treeline and that can be seen in a second frame maybe, not sure the moon is not reflecting but have 3rd photo that was either snapped first or last in the series of 3 pics to show what area looked like before or after object streaked past. I was pleased to find I caught this little streak of something that went by so fast. The wooded area where it appeared to go down is in Montgomery County likely in the Uwharrie National Forest.

This is not my first rodeo. I have seen UFOs before and my family has along history with them I have lectured on them sometimes in public. I even took former NC State Mufon Director George Fawcet’s UFO course many years ago. I cant say what this object that streaked by like greased lightening was, but I can confidently say what it was NOT, it was NOT a plane, chopper, balloon shooting star, helicopter, satellite, meteorite etc, I have seen all those ting many times in my life. This was different.

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