UFO Sighting in New Mexico on August 11th 1967 – Didn’t see read below

No sighting, but I heard verbal confirmation from my Father H.E.Ream (Bud)that he had dealt with one. I was a small child living a neighborhood in Roswell NM. I woke up to the sound of my Dad yelling on the phone to one of his superiors. This is what I heard as I slipped out of my bedroom.
“Why do I have to fly that Damn inhuman thing to Florida when their are plenty of pilots under me that could”! “I am aware of the seriousness of this thing but I am tired of dealing with this and those freakish little creatures”! Then I got caught because I coughed. He came storming out of his office and jumped my butt. He demanded to know what I had heard. I at 7 years old started crying. Then he shook me and said-If you ever repeat anything you heard you will put our whole family in danger. He then said Do you understand? He shook me violently and told me to go back to bed without the water I had wanted in the first place. I don’t know if this is interest you or not but this is my experience with UFO’s.

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