UFO Sighting in New York, New York on May 29th 2015 – FIRST there was a large black asteroid like ball that was hurling cross the sky(seen those many times b4 and up to 10 visable in 1 hhour,) but the craft that taliled it ii never saw it waws like a sandwich at times but looked like a satin big piillow.

I had heard an explosion which made me check out all cameras on manhattan
seeing if a fire was occurring and where … the weather has been gorgeous but the news keeps warning us about fires and rain storms. we get some lights but not the usual.

I saw so much activity today i felt I had to tell someone.

Every rooftop seemed to have a craft on it and some small to enormous figures as well near or on roof with it. i have seen them for quite a while but i feel like allot more locals were aware as well.
They usually cloak so well but they seem to be letting their ANTENNAS down so to speak

I Wish to enclose one video and 1 photo for now, i have daily videos and pics documenting the oddest things i have ever seen without duplicates except for the black hurling balls, The lights at night have all been different lengths colors and girths from one rod to 3
Sometimes over hudson, sometimes in the buildings sucking energy it looks like.

Be prepared to turn down audio, It sounds sometimes worse than a train wreck
below is an upload to you tube of the weirdest most compelling objects i have ever videotaped.


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