UFO Newsletter Article:“Överstelöjtnant i flyget erkänner att UFOs finns”(“Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force admits that UFOs exist”)

October-December 1975
The article reports on a comment by Lieutenant Colonel Sten Dalborg, Swedish Air Force:
English translation (part of the article):
“Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force acknowledges that UFOs exist
In connection with the observation of three cigar shaped objects over Gislavid on 5 August (six witnesses), Lieutenant Colonel Sten Dalborg, Halmstad Air Force Base, made the following statement to Jönköpings-Posten: ‘We have discussed this very much because we made many unexplained observations and observed strange things on the radar. It is much we don’t have explanations for yet. We do not know if it is extraterrestrial visitors.’
Sten Dalborg further said that he has met enough people who are convinced they have seen objects they can not identify. For instance, a majority of pilots have seen cigar shaped objects in the skies. No one knows what these objects are, either.”

The Coat of Arms of the Swedish Air Force
(wikimedia.org image)

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