UFO Sighting in San Jose, California on December 29th 2014 – witness to an odd but rather neat event

I was playing Disc Golf with my friends we noticed a police Helicopter just flying over our area which caused us to look up. We noticed a black object square shaped with what looked like a single wing or propeller of some sort on the left side. As soon as i seen the object I immediately removed my cell phone and was fortunate to capture the event.
I continued my game as my friends tried convincing me that it was just a weather balloon. I watched the object disappear into the clouds. The object came from the North and flew directly over our heads less than a thousand feet from the ground. It was intense.As soon as I noticed the awkwardness in shape and color and size I knew it was out of the ordinary. I was excited because I am intrigued by this sort of thing. I feel lucky to have the moment on camera and would love for this experience to be confirmed.

This is case 62242

I was previously unable to upload my video. This is my second attempt.

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