Strange unknown square object shoots out of a cloud over Missouri

On May 26, 2015 a strange event happened in the sky over Missouri. While driving on the interstate highway I-72 the witness noticed some strange clouds and decided to stop and to take some pictures of the unusual clouds. Afterwards he noticed a square object ejecting out of the clouds and what he refers to […]

Believe in the chocolate diet? I have a box jelly antivenom to sell you.

On Wednesday, journalist John Bohannon revealed to the world how he “fooled millions into thinking chocolate helps weight loss.” In a boastful piece for i09, he details how he and German television reporter Peter Onneken performed a faulty clinical trial and used flawed statistics to make it seem like chocolate was a weight loss wonder. The team […]

The Search For Reward Prediction Errors in the Brain

A new paper examines how the brain keeps track of positive and negative outcomes: No unified reward prediction error in local field potentials from the human nucleus accumbens The authors, London-based neuroscientists Max-Philipp Stenner and colleagues, recorded electrical local field potentials (LFP) using electrodes implanted into the nucleus accumbens (NAcc) in six patients. The patients […]

UFO Sighting in Maryland on May 30th 2015 – For about 1 mile the UFO was following my car and then when I got to a stop two other objects appeared one on the left and one on the right this happened for two days in a row.

This happened for two days in a row 5/29/2015 and 5/30/2015 I was leaving from a friends house and that is when I saw this white light just standing their and it was blinking like every 2 seconds. When my car got moving the UFO started following me. The second day this happened when I […]

UFO Newsletter Article:“Överstelöjtnant i flyget erkänner att UFOs finns”(“Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force admits that UFOs exist”)

ARBETSGRUPPEN FÖR UFOLOGI (Sweden), October-December 1975 The article reports on a comment by Lieutenant Colonel Sten Dalborg, Swedish Air Force: English translation (part of the article): “Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force acknowledges that UFOs exist In connection with the observation of three cigar shaped objects over Gislavid on 5 August (six witnesses), Lieutenant Colonel […]