UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho on June 1st 2015 – For the last several months i have been seeing a star like light in the sky at sunset.

Every Single night For the last several months, I have been noticing a bright light in the sky pretty much right in the back of my house. There are actually more than one, usually between four and five. The others do not produce enough light for me to get them on my cell phone camera. At first I thought maybe it was a satellite, but it is way lower than any satellite in the surrounding sky. And this one in particular shines way brighter. I was able to get it on my cell phone, but I cannot send it to any place other than my Facebook page because it says that the file is too big to send to my email. If you would like to see the video please check out my post, and if it is gone by the time you investigate this I will repost it for you. This is an amazing thing. I believe it is a genuine thing. I have seen many documentaries about UFO’s and have gained quite a bit of insight as to the realm of coincidental possibilities. I can assure this is not a coincidence. These UFO’s appear to be on some kind of very slow cruise control across the sky and around the earth. The fact that they appear into the setting sun has really made it difficult to get photo’s or video’s because by the time the sun goes down enough to film they are out of range. The light however continues to shine. I have several video’s on my phone from a few different days. The one that I posted on my Facebook page has a stable blue light and a red blinking light at the bottom. The actual shape of the ship is illusive because there is not anything to light it up. There are only lights on the bottom and the top. It is amazing how it shines brightly like a star, but when filmed it is only two lights. There were two side by side the other night that had matching lights. I have a video of that one too but again it is difficult for me to send these things online from my phone. Nothing has changed in all of these months, I would imagine by the time you get this report things will continue. I encourage you to come out here, bring a high quality camera and witness this amazing display. They are no longer hiding. They want the world to see them. This is the first step in a global awakening.

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