UFO Sighting in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland on May 30th 2015 – Pinpoint white star-like objects appeared in broad daylight

Pinpoint white star-like objects appeared in broad daylight. The first appeared from behind some clouds. If I had to guess I would say the apparent size was a pinhead at arms length. Very bright like a star in broad daylight. I had on sunglasses and would not have seen the object without them being on. The object hovered extremely high in the sky (BWI flight path was in the same area and multiple planes of various sizes passed well below the object.) The object seemed to hover for 5 minutes as I watched. Then the object grew fainter, fuzzier as it appeared to be ascending. Eventually, the object disappeared. It did not track across the sky but seemed to be rising straight up from it’s original position.

A few minutes later, another white star-like object appeared within the same one-inch patch of sky. This object seemed to be moving upward and southward (however, the entire track of movement was less that a half-inch from my view. As with the previous object, it seemed to start ascending, getting fuzzier and fainter, until it too disappeared.

Neither object moved erratically, like a balloon. They both moved steadily.

They reminded me of video I have seen of Mexican lights (bright, round orbs.) I would say these were smaller. I got the sense that they were extremely high in the atmosphere.

There was considerable air traffic during the entire sighting, however, any of the commercial jets and smaller craft were much closer to the ground.

Without my sunglasses on, I would never have seen these things.

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