UFO Sighting in Merigold (1st time), Mississippi on September 10th 2005 – Was driving to work when something seemed to tell me to look up and in that direction. That’s when I saw the object.

My experiences and sightings go back several years. It first started with what I thought were strange and bizarre dreams, but they seemed so real. the more I discounted them as mere dreams and coincidences, the more tangible the encounters and experiences became. It seemed the more experiences I had the more cognitive I became of things that were going to occur in the nest few seconds. I would look at my phone, knowing it was about to ring (I wasn’t able to do it at will, however. Every now and then). At times on patrol (I’m a police officer), especially when I worked grave shift, there was 2 occurrences when I knew distinctly (and called the person’s name audibly) that I was about to see a particular person walking around the corner. This particular time really raised my eyebrows because it was very late at night (around 3am) and this person has been out of state for months and had just returned home. It seemed I knew that I was about to see this person, and I did. At times, I could know who was about to call my phone, or show up at my door. Like I stated earlier, I wasn’t able to do these things at random, but it was occurring regularly. I have had two (2) actual sightings of objects in the sky, and I had no doubt as to what they were. Both times, I would not have even had the mind to look in the sky and in the directions of the objects. It seemed that one second I was driving along with a neutral mind, and then it seemed like something external would tell me to look up and in the EXACT location of the objects. These encounters have given me a lot of insight to this phenomena. The strange markings that I have on my body (documented by my health care provider), as well as physical proof have left no doubt in my mind that what I thought were mere dreams are way more than that. I have been in what appeared to be medical procedures or inspections so to say, and seemed to have began to wake up with these beings standing around me. Once they see that I would be waking up, I would always seem to fall back asleep. Being a police officer and Army Reserve veteran, I’m very confident in beliefs of what I’ve been encountering. I’ve pondered for years on going public, but have not due to the consequences of those actions, but I have had too many experiences (too many to try and detail in this narrative)and I’m now ready to disclose them, along with the documentation and physical evidence that I have. I can assure whoever is reading this that that proof that I have of my encounters will be irrefutable.

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