UFO Sighting in Kingston, New York on May 6th 2015 – Bright green light, silent and fast moving from NE to NW above treetops

Sitting in my den, facing the heavily wooded back yard, I observed a bright green light just above the treetops (trees are over 100 feet tall and obscured vision of light source). The light was traveling from the direction of Zena Reservoir No. 4 in a straight path in a westerly direction toward Van Dale Road. It was silent, bright, green and not very large. It was around 9:00 pm and already dark. The light was bright enough to draw my attention away from reading my device. At first, I suspected a helicopter but then realized there was no sound, no Doppler effect either. It was also too close to the treetops. It was only in my field of vision for a few seconds, long enough to register what I was seeing. Immediately after observing it, I recalled another instance in the vicinity which I witnessed but that light was white. I also recalled a report in the vicinity of a green light on SawKill Road.

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