UFO Sighting in New York, New York on May 11th 2014 – white dots appearing in the sky


The photo I’m sending you was taken on 5-11-2014 from a cruise boat sailing to the north on the Hudson river west of Manhattan. The photo was taken in a north-east direction towards approximately Central Park.

When you do enlarge the photo, you will notice little white flatted dots in the sky above the buildings on the photo. They appeared out of the blue, clockwise forming a sort of stretched circles (one dot after another) from the south to the north. One circle after another. Every circle consisted of about 11 dots. Being bright at first they slowly faded afterwards. As you can see on the photo. The last formed dots on the left side are much brighter than the older dots on the right side of the photo.

At little earlier there were two Chinook helicopters flying very low over the cruise boat to the south. Some what later we saw seven Chinook helicopters flying to the north..,

What did we see?

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