UFO Sighting in Santa Anna, Texas on February 19th 2015 – Light very near suddenly appeared.Flashed in a sequence down and then across went out and returned several times.

Reddish/Orange lights appeared very near and sequenced down then across.They went out but came back on several times.They sequenced at times and other times a big bright light would come on then go back out.At one point a long series of lights came on at once.It looked like hundreds of lights in a close proximity across a uneven surface.I flashed my truck spotlight at the area they were to see if I could see a craft.Could not see anything.I flashed the lights to get a response.They responded by turning on a huge bright white/blue light that seemed to be coming from inside the craft as opposed to the surface.A plane could be seen approaching the area where the lights had been seen.I worried the plane may collide with it.No collision but the fact that the plane was not diverted from the area meant that it was not visible to air traffic controllers.It was a clear night.No clouds or lightening. Nothing to explain the lights.Day view of the area and no towers or anything that could explain where the lights were coming from.I recorded the whole event except a few episodes of the lights on my smart phone.The video is way to large to send but it is extremely high definition quality.

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