UFO Sighting in Seguin, Texas on May 31st 2013 – When about to go inside we saw a bright Neon Blue object in the sky that rotated and gave light off like the sun.

I was at my girlfriends house on Willow Creek Road, and we were just talking by my truck before I walked her inside. As we turned around and was about to walk her inside the whole neighbor lit up a bright neon blue. Like if the sun was shining. It was 12:36 AM when this happened so it was dark and everything was lit up. I could see houses, signs, and cars. Everything. We both instantly looked up and there was just a huge sphere like object treetop height over a houses across the street and it was rotating. You could see it spin. But it gave off no sounds. It did that for a good 9-10 seconds. We just stood there in disbelief because it was the first time that either of us seen anything like that. And then it after it hovered there for those seconds it just took off to the right and was gone in a second and a half or two. Like nothing. No sounds or anything. I just saw the trail of light it left because it took off so fast. It was gone quick. Never seen anything move at that kind of speed. We were quiet a few seconds after it happened and the first the she asked me was, “Was that what I think it was?” And I said, “uh huh..”
That was the closest encounter I’ve ever had and my first. I’ve had others after but not quite like that. It was amazing.

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