UFO Landing in Sarasota, Florida on March 31st 2015 – Multiple sightings, possible CE, seemed to follow

This submission is an extension of a previous submission referencing Case#66097
I went back and reviewed all of my camcorder video from the morning of 5-31-2015, and decided that some of the video was so chock full of potential objects, EVP’s, entities, and possible close encounters (including one of an apparent entity becoming stationary to my moving car and reaching in through an open window and revealing some sort of glowing wand type artifact), that I would submit all of the video that I have from that night so that the investigator might have a more well rounded understanding of that night from my perspective.
I am submitting the video in it’s raw form, leaving it up to the discretion of the investigator to determine what should be viewable.
There are 8 videos in all totaling 37 minutes and 35 seconds.
I also want to note that I have since taken more video and upon review, it seems to be an ongoing thing to varying degrees.

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