UFO Sighting in Indian Lake Estates, Florida on May 17th 2015 – bright object traveled overhead acted like a satellite but not a straight path

Filming night sky in backyard, aiming almost directly overhead. Got camera going and watched for a few minutes, saw what looked like a bright satellite coming. It looked like it would be on camera since it was coming my way and should pass overhead. I just thought it was a bright satellite and nothing special didn’t care if it showed up or not but now glad it did. I went inside while camera was filming to check location of ISS just in case, which was over Africa at that time. I have watched the ISS many times and it is much brighter and faster than this was. Later when I watched what I had recorded I was surprised to see an object, apparently in the path of the bright object, light up and seemed to avoid the larger bright object. Then blinking out just as fast as it appeared. I don’t think it was a deranged lighting bug but possibly a UFO avoiding another UFO. The reason I think the large white object was not a satellite and a UFO is because it did not travel in a straight line like all the other satellites I have observed. This object slowly curved as it passed overhead moving from a north direction to a southwest direction. As always this is just my opinion and yours is always final. I had to take a short clip because of the very large file size of a HD recording. Thanks.

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