UFO Sighting in Keenesburg, Colorado on May 27th 2015 – Have a video of a large craft and pix of smaller ones

I hope this gets through as i have tried to submit before. Driving back to south dakota night of May 27 w my 67 year old dad 14 year old son and 15 year old niece when we saw a craft fly about 100 ft above us. There were cars pulled over on other side of interstate, so going west toward Colorado, 4 total. We saw a total of about 8, but not sure if new ones followed or there were more? The first one that flew over us was triangular in shape w bright white lights down the middle and red and blue lights on the sides. The objects followed us for maybe 45 minutes when we pulled off interstate (not sure which town) to fill up. This is when my son got the video on his phone. This craft is much larger, we figured about 2 football fields in size. The video is 50 seconds long. In it you can see a door open and bodies moving around and at the back is orange/red lights and at front is bright white light where towards end of video something appears to shoot out of it, this object is also brigt white!! I wanted to pull over at the time but mu niece wad crying and begging me not to. We were headed east out of co to sd, can’t remember which interstate? We were all very excited and nervous. When we first started seeing these the cars that were pulled over on interstate had doors all open and mo lights at all. As i said, we also have interesting pix but can’t get them all to send so for now I will just send video.

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