Anomalies, spirituality and religion.

I want to comment in the clear “tendency” of associating some anomalies sightings with spiritual/religious meaning, even some “paranormal” phenomena.

Before Alchemia was replaced by Chemistry there was a whole mix of hard facts with many “esoteric” recipes, all of that was “simplified” when the scientific method was applied consistently in that area and Chemistry was born as a real scientific discipline.

Exactly the same will happen in the area of anomalies studies, the history of science shows clearly that the world is amenable to understanding, even when anomalies had shown some things very hard to “explain” that only implies that our current knowledge of the world is very limited, but that will change with time and a systematic effort trying to unravel the misteries of anomalies.

The scientific method is our more solid tool to understand the world and we should stick to it.

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