UFO Sighting in Florida on September 13th 2014 – seen orb light come down hover outside my porch screen, stop, and then take off

I was sitting on my back porch which faces west one evening in late summer of 2014. It was dark out already. Looking out I saw a light shoot down in a spiral path. the spiral path was more noticeable as it got closer (say about 50 ft. away from me)(kind of like a cork screw path). It was no bigger than an inch in the center where it looked like nothing but white light and from this center light is light that shoots out like you have a condensed version of a sparkler. It came within 1 1/2 ft. -2 ft. from my porch screen therefore I was approx. 7 ft. away from this light source as it hovered there for approx. 5 seconds and just took/shot off to the WSW direction.
I was confused after it left yet I never took my eyes off it the whole time I could see it. After thinking about it for 2 seconds I knew it was an orb I had seen. Then I couldn’t wait to call my mom and tell her about it along with a few select friends.
Not long after that what I thought was a dream wasn’t all a dream. I was in my bed and I couldn’t move. I was trying to sit up and couldn’t. I looked at the end of my bed and there was this entity standing there. Its to crazy to talk about the rest.

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