UFO Sighting in Hyderabad, Telangana on November 7th 2013 – it was a shiny oval mass about the size of an airplane,but it emited no red lights as all airplanes emited.a sense of non-existence and ambiguity fell over me suddenly as i saw the object it slowly vanished as it went in the southwesterly direction.

i was out that day trying to observe some sort of astronomical phenomenon (i do not remember which),just when i thought that the time for observing it has finished and that i arrived late,i saw a brightly glowing light about the size of a golfball moving high above in the sky.i thought it was the astronomical phenomenon i wanted to observe at first but i only realised my mistake when it moved.then i thought that it was a plane but it was too slow for a plane.it as mentioned before, moved with a slow pace and it also had a golden aura which surrounded it.though it was almost the same color as this strange egg-shaped object,it can be distinguished if observed keenly.i spotted the object in the west,and as i was observing i felt a sense of incompleteness,vagueness,ambiguity,curiosity,and a strange feeling which is indescribable.i also felt a sense of being observed as i watched it.i also felt like some sort of intelligencee was reading my mind.it faded away into the distance as i watched it with the same slow pace i described before.

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