UFO Sighting in Villa Rica, Georgia on October 18th 2011 – Saw two very bright star-like objects low in the horizon, that did not move.

I was coming out of Walmart going to my car, when I noticed two very bright star-like objects low on the horizon. I put my groceries into the backseat of my car and stared at them for a minute. Another gentleman noticed me and started checking them out also. I told him that at first that I thought the lower of the two objects was Venus because it was so bright. But I knew that Venus was in the eastern sky,which I pointed to him. He agreed, shook his head and proceeded into the store. I got into my car and drove to my next destination about a mile away. Once getting out of my car I saw that the two objects were now about a mile further away. On my way home,I was driving towards the objects and they were getting closer as I drove towards them. I turned right and once I got in front of the Walmart they seemed to be less than a quarter-mile away. I had to get back home because it was not my car and my nephew needed it. So I was heading North and saw that I was again driving away from the objects. After making several turns heading towards the house I became disoriented about what direction I was going.At this time I could not see the objects because of the treeline. Once I was on my home street, I saw straight ahead of me a bright light moving towards me.I immediately drove into my driveway and ran in to tell my brother and nephew that something was coming towards the house. They laughed but proceeded to follow me outside. Once on the porch, we saw a low-flying milatery chamophag helicopter with a bright light on the front of it go by just above the treeline. I asked my brother is it headed south, he replied yes. I told him that was the direction the objects were. I then told him what I had saw.They both laughed at me thinking I am crazy. Even once we all thought it was unusual that a military helicopter would be flying that low at that time of night.I used to have a telescope when I was back in Omaha where I came from eight months earlier. I know alot about night skies and I know that you cannot drive away from or towards them.I know that if I had the time to check them out further I believe that I could have drove right underneath those objects and would be able to describe them better.

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