The Truth about CERN and the Vatican’s Secret Plan

Pope Francis is reportedly about to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Whether or not this claim is true, two things are sure: We’re supposed to believe that ET’s exist, and this pope is committed to transforming the way all of us live.

Once Tom Horn said, he ever spoke with astronomers at the Vatican Observatory on top of the mount Graham and they talked to Horn that they searching for extraterrestrial intelligence and planets inside our solar systems.

Besides, Horn said, he is in contact with a NASA female scientist and she told Horn, “There is NO question that there are extraterrestrial beings and they are out there and if we will, we can contact them, NO doubt.”

Meanwhile the Vatican has pushed their selves to the forefront in the observing and observation of ‘what’s up there’. They are looking for these beings and they know these beings are on their way and it’s just a matter of time before they made the announcement that they are here. With other words, the Vatican says something is up there and is coming here.

According to Pastor Charles Lawson, it is said that the so-called ‘Green Revolution’ is going on right now. The Green Revolution is part of a one world government and is an attempt to bring you under the umbrella of these coming aliens that planted the human race on Earth.

They observing us, they watching us and they see what we as humans have done to earth and they know that we are not willing to stop destroying the earth. To avoid that planet earth will be completely destroyed they have decided to come back and reveal themselves to announce that we as humans have to do something with earth before it is too late

But how they can be so certain that something is coming from there to down here?

The Vatican’s astronomers with their massive telescope, they are watching the skies and it is said they are able to see what is coming to us, they call it the ‘alien savior’.

No doubt the Vatican is connected to the ‘Green Revolution’ and connected to CERN. The Vatican knows that CERN soon will open a stargate/wormhole and with all their knowledge of the universe, the Vatican is in the forefront and they have decided that they are going to introduce the ‘alien savior’.

Of course it could be a ‘new doctrine’ based on old occult that the Vatican is going to introduce and it could be part of the ‘Green Revolution’.

If it is part of the ‘Green revolution’ how they will want you to believe that the aliens are coming down? Maybe they are going to use the so-called ‘Project Bluebeam’ and maybe in combination with the outcomes of the CERN activities? I don’t know, but if it is going that way, then without doubt throughout the world the people will believe the Vatican with as result a successful final stage of the ‘Green Revolution’.

It is remarkable that several Jesuit priests have died under suspicious circumstances.

A man, called Malachi Martin, an Irish Catholic priest and writer on the Catholic Church. Originally ordained as a Jesuit priest ever tried to reveal the secrets to the world has died under suspicious circumstances before he was able to tell the truth.

Malachi Martin died of a cerebral hemorrhage due to a fall in his apartment in Manhattan in 1999, four days after his 78th birthday.

During an interview on an Italian TV news channel, another Jesuit priest, who was trying to tell the world the truth what was going on within the Vatican, was later found dead with a rope around his neck. And a third Jesuit priest, in an attempt to tell the people what was going on also died under suspicious circumstance.

It is clear that these three priests knew exactly what is going on within the Vatican and their sudden dead is a sign that the Vatican is involved in a dubious master plan to come to one world government and religion.

In the next video, Pastor Charles Lawson explains Revelation 13 in relation to CERN and the rise of the antichrist and the Vatican’s leading role in the coming one world religion.


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