UFO Sighting in Houma, Louisiana on September 11th 2006 – We were coming back to texas from work in Louisiana i saw what i thought was a helicopter above an overpass then it went west flight was not normal very hard to explain how it moved then saw it several miles away to the north other people saw it also its

We were on our way back to texas from a dive job in louisiana on I10 i saw a helicopter hovering over an overpass about 30 ft high about the time we got to the overpass the helicopter went in the same direction we were going but it didnt seem to accelerate it just went a faster speed than us its really hard to explain it was at a stand still then was going faster than us but didnt seem to have to pick up speed it was just at a different and faster speed. It was out of sight in about 10 seconds then we saw it north of us about 5 miles in the distance when we stoped at the gas station i asked im i the only one that saw that and got an overwhelming no from everyone.

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